If you have recently had a drunk driving arrest, you might be looking for a lawyer to represent you. There are many lawyers that claim they can help you with a DUI and several of them are successful. How do you know who to hire, though? Here you will learn how to find the best New Jersey DWI Lawyer for a drunk driving arrest.

Steps on How to Find a Lawyer

  1. Ask around
    If anyone you know has had a DUI, ask them how it worked. Ask them if they hired a lawyer to help them out. These people are a great source of information, and you should also ask who they recommend. You can also try asking on Facebook. This is a good way to get feedback from several of your friends all at once. You may even have friends that have had DUIs that you didn’t know about. They will be able to give you advice about which lawyer they used and who you should use.
  2. Ask in Facebook groups that are local
    Asking here is a good way to reach people that you aren’t friends with on Facebook. You can still get some great advice and you are opening doors to getting more information about lawyers. You will be able to have more feedback on different lawyers so you can make the best choice about which one to hire. Ask lots of questions when you get feedback to make sure you are hiring the right lawyer for your needs. You should also ask what the price range is and if they work with payments if that is something that you need. You can find all this out before calling them on the phone.
  3. Look for reviews online
    Type in DUI lawyer on Google with your city and state. There will be different law firms that show up, and there may be reviews about them there. Read over them and see what people have to say about them and if they are worth hiring. If there aren’t any reviews there, try to search for them. Look at different websites that have reviews for the law firms you are interested in hiring. You will be able to learn a lot about the different law firms when you look over reviews and research them. Then you can choose who to hire based on this relevant information.
  4. Call them
    Ask them all the questions you have and ask them what they charge. If it is within your price range, then set up a consultation. If it is not within your price range, consider how much they can help you if you were to hire them and if it’s worth it to you.

In summary, drunk driving arrests are very serious for everyone involved. The consequences are typically severe. If you or someone you know has had a drunk driving arrest, it is in your best interest to obtain a lawyer immediately. With the advice from above, you will be able to find a lawyer to help see you through this difficult time, without further mistakes.