If you recently had to deal with a drug or alcohol related arrest, then you need immediate help. There are several ways the outcome can go for you if you don’t get help, from the financial burden of hefty fines to affecting your family and livelihood by spending time in jail. So, read on and keep yourself in the know about this kind of issue.

Dealing with a DWI arrest in NJ, or any other state for that matter, is something that you must face head on.  Accept your fault and do not resist arrest, nor do anything to further damage your case. You may still be able to get help with this, but only if the only charge is going to be the DWI and not you attacking the police. Sometimes people don’t realize there are options so they go all out when getting arrested and try to resist it so they get into more problems.


When you are talking to police they are going to try to trick you into saying certain things. You have a right to say nothing at all and to tell them you want to speak with your lawyer. Make sure when you get to jail or wherever you have to go after the arrest that you find time to get into touch with someone about this so they know you’re going to need help fast. If you don’t have an attorney yet, then find one before you plan on going out for drinks or anything so you know who to contact.

NJ drunk driving checkpoints

As you probably know, if you are arrested then you may need to spend some time in jail sobering up. Do not let other people in there try to get you to fight with them or do anything else that makes you have to stay there longer. You may be put in a place by yourself, which would be ideal because then you can just rest and wait out the time you have to be there. Your attorney may be able to come talk to you so see if that is something you can get set up when you’re able.

Do not represent yourself

Don’t try to represent yourself if you have to go to court over something. There are way too many people that think they can do this or that a public defender will win because it’s easy to see they weren’t at fault. This isn’t true, a lot of the time you can find a lot of issues with a case and pick it apart. Instead of you just being able to win because you have a top of the line lawyer, you instead could get into even more trouble than before which makes little sense if you think about it.

After you have to deal with a DWI arrest, you may be facing different issues. It doesn’t matter what happened, you should get an attorney to help you. That way, if anything went wrong with the process you can get things taken care of properly.